Thursday, February 4, 2010

Colleen gives Steven and John the Buzz

Love for their wife and mother....Grace chickened out. She'll shave her head when Lisa has lost all her hair. I want to do it with her.

Kojack and his side kick

Now that John doesn't have his hair, Steven looks a lot taller than him. Hah...For those of you who know who Kojack (sp.) was, he was a bald detective that sucked on lollipops from the 70' least I think that's who I remember from years ago.

Actually, John looks a lot like his dad when he had his bald head after losing it from his cancer.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I monogrammed matching family team T-shirts by colors

The only one that is missing is my mom. She had on Team Ishimoto 84 and her color was a forest green.

Bowling Challenge

We decided one night to go bowling. It was a lot of fun. 10 of us bowled one and a half games. I couldn't believe my first frame I got a spare...and of course it was down hill from there. But at least I made over 100 pins drop the first game.

The Butt Dance

WE went to get a Christmas Tree for our Turkeymas celebration. While we were hunting for a tree, Jonathan started the butt dance and they all joined in.

Great...yes...these are my children....never a dull moment!

Joe and Vwe visit CA for Thanksgiving too.

It was fun having Joe and Vwe visit as well. They came down with Diana and Jeff. They stayed at Ernie and Liz's house for the duration of the trip. They came over a couple of nights to play board and card games with our older kids.

Michael Ridge's Big Smiley Face

The picture below didn't show Michael's cute smile like this picture.